I handmade beansprout pillows since 2004 and many other pretty customize handmade.
Welcome you to send in your enquiry to levine_tay@yahoo.com.

Welcome to my humble i-mama handmade.

My name is Levine also known as i-mama. As many find my name not easy to pronounce, hence decided to call me “i-mama” as “i” is the initial of my boy’s name.

A 24/7 mom and I used to run an online store and specially sew bean sprout pillows for babies since 2004.

I don’t sew for a living. i-mama handmade is purely a hobby and passion to sew for stuffs I like, for my boy and friends. Orders are only recently and thanks to my friends for being very supportive after showcasing my work in my FB album.

My Handmade items are 100% made with love. Some might not be perfectly sew piece (do accept my apology if you are a perfectionist coz handmade items might not be perfect) but efforts and love are definitely in ya!

You are also welcome to email me direct at levine_tay@yahoo.com for enquiries too (do allow 1-2 days to reply your email ya).

: iMama Handmade

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